Market Search

Searches of the database for reefers that are confirmed to be for sale, or may be for sale, can be made by date built, cubic capacity or deadweight. You can search by just one category or a combination. For best results, search by vessel's date of build and either capacity or deadweight.

Enter your choice in the input boxes below - e.g. date of build between 1980 and 1990. When you have made your selection, just click on the Search Database button.

When you have made your search, one click will take you to our Sales Book to view prices paid for similar vessels.

Year built: The date the vessel was constructed Vessel's date of build, between
Hint - earliest date 1960
Capacity in cubic feet is the volume of cargo that the reefer can carry. Cargo capacity in Cubic Feet, between
Hint - min 20,000 max 750,000
Deadweight in tonnes is the weight of the cargo that the reefer can carry plus constants - fuel, stores, crew etc. Deadweight in Tonnes, between
Hint - min 300 max 18,000

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